Current Photography Collections

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Wanting photo’s from getting ready through to the reception? This is the option for you. For the bride and groom wanting a premium coverage of all things detail throughout their day.

Whether you’re getting ready in seperate locations or right next to each other, having two experienced photographers will cover it all, and will be thee to guide your day without a bump! We find this our most common and loved collection!

$4000 NZD



THE Delux

Wanting those beginning shots, but not too worried about the whole reception? This is the go to for you. We’ll capture both the bride and groom getting ready, and you’ll have plenty of time to sneak away after the ceremony to some beautiful locations to get the standout images of the day. Then we can capture the essence of your reception, as the first few moments happen.

Our favourite part of this collection? You’ll be able to dance the night away camera free - bliss!

$3000 NZD



THE essential

not needing all the bell’s and whistles? the essential collection is just that. the simple bare minimum wedding cover, from the bride getting her dress on, to the ceremony through to the bridal shoot. this collection will ensure the details are captured, and the essentials are covered.

if you’re wanting a little something extra to add to this collection, look below! you’ll find our extra’s to add to any collections.

$2000 NZD



THE extra’s

See a collection that you like but it doesn’t have that little extra something? we understand! We like to keep our collections as simple and straight forward as possible, so that you can add what you want to suit the lead up, the day and the rest of you sweet lovin’ lives together!